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New On-line membership system.

We now have the facility for you to enrol online. You can click the "Online Membership" button on the left-hand side if you wish to join or enrol in classes online. If you don't want to use this system the helpers in the office will do it for you. You can print the application form that is on this website and mail us your membership application and class choices with a cheque/EFTPOS details for the membership fee. To view and then print the Membership and Enrolment Form, click here.

Or you can visit our office between 10 am and 3 pm during term to enrol in person. For security reasons, we do not hold any cash in the office. You can pay your fees using credit card/debit card at 1.00pm. on Mondays at the office and a receipt will be issued at this time.

Classes & Activities

This section describes the classes and activities offered by Box Hill U3A. Generally, our U3A follows the terms set by the State of Victoria Department of Education, but not always.

see notes below

Term 4, 2018 starts on Monday 15 October

2018 Term 4 timetables.

2018 Term 4 timetable - by day
2018 Term 4 timetable - by name
2018 Term 4 walks

Term 1, 2019 starts on Monday 11 February

2019 Term 1 timetables.

2019 Term 1 timetable - by day
2019 Term 1 timetable - by name
2019 Term 1 walks

2018 Terms

Term 1 - 12 Feb to 29 March Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September
Term 2 - 16 April to 29 June Term 4 - 15 October to 29 November

2019 Terms

Term 1 - 11 Feb to 5 April Term 3 - 15 July to 20 September
Term 2 - 23 April to 28 June Term 4 - 14 October to 28 November

You might also want to check with the U3A Box Hill office to make sure courses are still open - not full or restricted for other reasons - ring 9898 3336.

Many classes fill up early in the term, and some tutors hold waiting lists in case some earlier enrolees drop out. Other classes may require experience or competency levels before admitting new enrolees. Again you are advised to check with the office before sending in an enrolment form. Some classes have a charge for books or materials.

When you have determined which classes you will enrol for, you can then go to the Membership section to download the membership application/class enrolment form.


These lists will start afresh each year. The first people put on these lists will be those who missed out on classes selected on their membership form which was delivered to Box Hill U3A before the closing time on Enrolment Day (usually in December each year).

After this date all requests to be included on a waiting list must be on the
Waiting List form (Click here) which is forwarded to the secretary.

If a class has been marked as FULL, names will only be added to the waiting list if the relevant form is completed.



  • All course enrolments must be done through the office. Don't attend a class and ask the tutor to enrol you.
  • When you enrol in a course, put the start date in your diary or calendar so you don't forget.
  • If you are on a waiting list, wait for the office to call you regarding a vacancy.
  • If you change your mind about a course, or no longer wish to attend, let the office know so that someone on the waiting list can take your place.
  • Notify the office by phone if you can't attend a class. (When phoning the office with an apology, please say your name twice slowly and spell it if it is unusual - also say a phone number twice.)
    You will lose your place in a course if you miss three consecutive classes without apology. Our email: info@u3aboxhill.com.au
  • Turn off your mobile phone at the start of a class or make it silent. Do not take calls in class unless in an emergency.
  • Ask the tutor about materials and copying costs at the first session and be prepared to pay your share without having to be asked.
  • Always wear your U3A Box Hill identification when attending classes.
  • Respect other users of the rooms - don't push in early, or linger if new occupants are waiting.
In accordance with the Code of Conduct of Box Hill U3A all students are expected to show respect for tutors and other persons involved with the class and not disrupt a class by any inappropriate behaviour.

Tarrawarra Art Museum

Puffing Billy excursion

iPad class