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These pages are a collection of stories from the Writer's Group at Box Hill U3A.

It catches up with one

Though age is obviously caching up on me I do not usually think about it. Active and healthy plenty of stamina, I used to go about active and busy.

Then I started to get an ache in one of my knees. I did not register concern and still walked a lot and got around, however, over some weeks it definitely got worse. Finally I thought I should see the doctor. He said, "No worries just a bit of arthritis, it can be fixed quickly with key-hole surgery" he gave me a referral for x-rays and a specialist surgeon.

After examining me for some time the surgeon advised that I did not need surgery but some special physiotherapy for which he gave me another referral. The physio did help for a while. For some months I walked easier and seemed to be back to my old self.

Then the pain came back and worse than before. I walked less until eventually I was forced to use a walking stick. After putting up with it for some time I went back to the doctor and asked for another referral.

This time a knee replacement was arranged. "After a few months you will be walking again" I was promised. I was booked into Epworth Eastern private and had the operation. It was very painful. After some weeks I was transferred to Donvale rehab. centre for a few more weeks.

Continued exercises and more walking at home and brought me pretty much back to normal though my knee remains painful, walking around is difficult and the stick is still a necessity.

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast" So, I remain optimistic But, getting old is not easy.

by Charles Dickeson