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These pages are a collection of stories from the Writer's Group at Box Hill U3A.


Sure as weeds follow rain, if you are feeling pleased with yourself, things will go wrong. I'd had such a good weekend. I'd been feeling rather down and looking seriously at the prospect of a nursing home, because of lack of energy; it's such a struggle to make any effort. I keep falling asleep; can sleep all day and all night, without any effort.
Out, I was, both days at the weekend with no problems about dozing off. Then out to dine in the evenings, able to join in the spirited discussions that go on whenever the family gather. So is this simply boredom, that envelopes me whenever I'm confined to the routine life. Is it adrenalin that fuels me whenever I'm away from my four walls. Am I a robot getting my power from being wound up, or am I like a performing monkey doing my tricks?
I'm no miracle. It does take me ten minutes to totter, with the support of two sticks, to a spot, normally two minutes away. One hour and more, comes out of my day, simply to exercise shower and dress. Except for my short excursions on my scooter I do need someone to take me. So, much gratitude to all!
Back to my tale! This morning, feeling so pleased with the world, exercises accomplished and warmly clad, I fronted up at the fridge to get the necessaries. Out came the yoghurt, a just opened container. What did I do? What did I not do? There it was lying on the floor with a great pattern of yoghurt splayed across the floor. And the cleaners had only been last week! Kneeling on the floor is such an effort. Getting up is even a greater effort. I need a dog or a cat. A first class procrastinator, I'll have my breakfast and then think about it.

How many times through life does this sort of thing happen, not just to the aged, but to everyone. There's the quotation. "There's many a slip" So it's nothing new. Is it like the learning curve, no matter how clever you are, there are ups and downs? One of those ancient philosophers told us, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." So I'd had a good day. Must I now pay for it? Is this life's way of humbling us? We mustn't feel too smart! It's okay to be smart but just don't feel smart. That's the danger!
None of which will clean up the yoghurt!
But you never know your luck! Just how lucky can you be? It was a Monday! Three times a week a girl comes from Southern Cross Care, to spend an hour doing my chores; ensuring that I live in a reasonably civilized state. And Monday is one of them. My dedicated Eli, took one look and had the mess cleaned up in no time.

Mim Egan