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These pages are a collection of stories from the Writer's Group at Box Hill U3A.

Frivolous Nonsense

The fish are falling from the sky. They are being watched greedily by slinky cats, frolicking on fairy floss clouds. Dogs are somersaulting over liquorice rainbows. Emus in their Sunday best are flying by. Colourful Kiwis, wearing fluorescent gumboots, fly in the wake of the Emus.
Heavily laden money trees glisten and shimmer, weighted down by their golden fruit. I reach out to touch the fruit. The gold turns into fairy dust in my eager fingers.
Spotted unicorns are enjoying a tea party, hosted by grinning chimpanzees, resplendent in their glittering outfits.
A leopard is plucking off his spots, watching as they change into carefree butterflies, winging their way heavenwards.
Blossom is filling the sky, pirouetting on the breeze, as it makes its way towards me. I lift my face and await its gentle kiss as it settles.
I am floating. I am free. I love this life.
I hear voices. What are they saying? They are very distant and I try to pretend they are not there. I want to remain in my euphoric state but the voices are buzzing in my ears. They are telling me to wake up. I stir. I wish I had glue on my eyelids. Go away people with the voices. Change planets please!!!
What has happened to my lovely animals? Where have they gone? What is this place I am in? My eye lids flicker open and I see fish above me, swinging in the breeze. Why are they not falling now?
Reality tugs at my senses. I am lying in a chair. I am at the dentist's. A very pretty fish mobile hovers above me. The fish are secure, they are not falling now.
What a surreal time I have just had on drugs. Give me more!!!
I can't wait for my next appointment!!!!

Pam Galbraith