Before enrolling for our classes or activities, you must become a member of Box Hill U3A.

Membership fees

Type of Member Full Year Fee Half Year Fee*
Full Member $50 $30
*only available after June, for Terms 3 and 4


We now have the facility for you to enrol online. You can click the "Online Membership" button on the left-hand side if you wish to join or enrol in classes online. If you don't want to use this system the helpers in the office will do it for you. You can print the application form that is on this website and mail us your membership application and class choices with a cheque/EFTPOS details for the membership fee. To view and then print the Membership and Enrolment Form, click here.

Or you can visit our office between 10 am and 3 pm during term to enrol in person. For security reasons, we do not hold any cash in the office. You can pay your fees using credit card/debit card at 1.00pm. on Mondays at the office and a receipt will be issued at this time.

See Classes/Activities section of this website for details of what is on offer. If you have any queries about classes or your eligibility, contact the office on 9898 3336. When you have decided, fill in your form and mail it and your fees as directed on the form.

Change of Class

After Term 1 starts, if you are already a member of Box Hill U3A and you want to enrol for another class - or to withdraw from a class - you can use the online system to enrol in new classes, but cannot withdraw from a class online. To withdraw you should download the Change of Class form here., or come into the office and fill out a form there. When new classes or activities are added to our syllabus after Term 1, you should also enrol for them using the online system, or fill out a Change of Class form.


When your membership application/enrolment has been processed, you will receive an email (or a letter if you don't have email) confirming your payment, stating the classes for which you have been accepted. You can call at the office to have your membership badge printed and collect a plastic sleeve for your badge and a Box Hill U3A lanyard to hold the badge.
If your enrolment is not successful (e.g., if the class is now full), you will be contacted by our officers.

New On-line membership system.

The new membership system (called UMAS) is now ready for use. Members with internet access will be able to select courses, change courses, re-enrol and pay membership fees online. Members without internet will still be able to fill out enrolment forms and have everything processed by our membership volunteers.

There is a link below to the View Courses section of the new system - you can safely have a look around and click on the course names or codes to see more information. You can't break anything so feel free to click away! You can see the online system here: Instructions on how to enrol are here:

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